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Now you can see some of the Charles Keck paintings in person!

Visit the Long Beach Museum of Art. Some of the Charles F. Keck works are on display as part of their excellent California Landcape collection

Charles F Keck wanted more of the world to see his work, and now that is coming about. He would have been very pleased with all the excitement over his work..

All paintings and images Copyright 2000-2001, Charles F. Keck. All rights reserved. You may view these images with your browser on this site, however you must not use them in cards or prints or any other media without written permission from the estate of Charles F. Keck.  Violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent allowed by law.


Charles F Keck Watercolor Artist ( 1913-2003 )

After spending the better part of sixty years in Southern California he saw first hand how much the scenery changed. In spite of the all changes, there was still beauty and culture everywhere around him as there is today. Many of his paintings captured impressions of the greater Los Angeles area from the fields to the urban environment. Charles F Keck also painted in Alaska during World War II.

Take a look at the Virtual Gallery on this site to see a glimpse of the pastoral and scenic Southern California of fifty years ago.

The California Watercolor style was most popular in between 1940 and 1950. Although Charles' work is mostly in this style, he did have explorations into abstracts, cubist and expressionist watercolors as well.

Charles Keck took pride in the quality of his work and used the best quality papers and paints he could. He hand crafted many of the colors in his palette and tested them carefully before using them. The colors will last for many years given proper care.

This site was created during the last two years of his life. While he was reluctant to sell his works at the time, he did say that he would like to sell his paintings to people who would show and enjoy them. He wanted more people to see his work. Sadly, as is the case with most artists, this did not come about until after his death. He was a good father to his four children; he taught art classes at Lincoln High School in Los Angeles to make ends meet. Charles Keck, like many of his generation had a strong sense of community and with him, a promise would always be kept. If you are lucky enough to have one of his works or be able to purchase one at one of the galleries, you will feel some of the values that seem to be fading, values that built this great nation, and values that created the scenes in his paintings.

If you're interested in purchasing a Charles F Keck watercolor painting, you're in luck. There are currently two galleries representing his work. While quantities of non-abstract works are limited, there are still many fine works to choose from.

The estate is not entertaining private offers at this time, although gallery inquiries regarding his abstract work are most welcome. Please visit the links page for representatives that sell his work.

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